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Accelerating innovations to save lives 

First, we carry out in silico studies on most popular molecular targets, then make in vitro assays where at least minimal activity is found. Thus, libraries of naturally occurring and diversely active compounds is created, which then can be modified and optimised for your research on request. If you are interested in our compounds, you can buy them from us in quantities up to 1g. We also offer total or partial synthesis services for it.


Development department

We also have a development department which is responsible for creating new techniques for the synthesis of heterocycles and various frameworks. Our scientists are searching for new catalysts and reaction conditions to produce previously inaccessible structures.

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One of the current areas in medicinal chemistry is the synthesis of peptidomimetics, so this direction is also actively developing in our company. We obtain peptidomimetics for proteins of interest and offer different functionalized variants using non-trivial approaches.


Compound libraries

With already existing or our innovative techniques, we create small compound libraries with as many different functional groups as possible, which can be tested for the activity you are interested in.

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